Environmental Policy

Firefish Ltd Environmental Policy

Firefish Ltd is a leading intelligent insight consultancy who undertake all manner of qualitative and quantitative research studies. The Environmental Management System covers both floors of 170-172 Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 3LS.

We hold an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate and have done since 2010.

Waste reduction

  • Firefish Ltd is committed to a wide range of recycling schemes.
  • Firefish Ltd review the recycling schemes on an ongoing basis to ensure waste reduction in all the key business materials we use.


  • Firefish Ltd is committed to reducing its energy usage.


  • Firefish Ltd provide season ticket loans to cover Oyster Card travel for all employees – to minimise unnecessary car travel
  • Firefish Ltd provide office bicycles for employee usage, where possible, when visiting clients in London and have also signed up to the cycle to work scheme.

Office Premises

  • The office is fitted with all the most up-to-date energy savings specifications, all major appliances purchased since moving into the new premises are at AAA star rated or equivalent energy saving versions.


  • Firefish Ltd are proactive adopters of legislative requirements. We make it our business to know when new UK or EU legislation comes into force. Firefish Ltd is committed to comply with all other requirements with the day-to-day running of the business.

Company Culture

  • Firefish Ltd is a progressive and proactive company with a dynamic way of understanding the environment around them.
  • Firefish Ltd is continually updating the objectives and targets to lessen our impact on the environment. These targets are reviewed annually at company meetings.
  • Firefish Ltd is striving towards a more sustainable future, including pollution prevention, this is attested to by their gaining the internationally renowned certification ISO14001. Firefish Ltd are continually improving their practise, attempting to reduce their environmental impact, and have resolved to work seriously in order for this to happen.

Jeremy Fawcus (Group CEO)