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In our dynamic, fast-paced world, to stand still is to go backwards…innovation is not optional

Not all innovation is equal. There is good innovation and there is bad innovation

Firefish do good innovation better

Good innovation aligns with the brand values, purpose and business needs.  We will always ask you why you are innovating and what you want the innovation to achieve.

Good innovation is fully tuned into the environmental context.  Our process immerses the innovation team in the cultural and market context using disciplines such as semiotics, data and trend analysis to develop a deep understanding of where things currently are and where they might be going in the future.

Good innovation is driven by human needs and succeeds by solving the tensions that exist in people’s real lives.  These needs are best understood by looking at life from a variety of perspectives, so that we understand not just what people need in their lives, but also what we need to do and communicate to ensure innovation is adopted and experienced.

Good innovation creates a realistic ideation process that promotes creativity while remaining connected to business context.

Good innovation is rigorous and iterative.  We take an idea and use sequential qualitative and quantitative phases of research to optimise the offering to understand where its most motivating appeal lies.

Good innovation makes a positive difference for a business and its customers alike. Our process will establish the business case for a new idea that gives the confidence needed to bring it from imagination to reality.