Hannah Robbins joins as Senior Cultural Strategist

We are delighted to introduce you to our new Senior Cultural Strategist, Hannah Robbins. A specialist in bringing together consumer and cultural insight, foresight, semiotics & trends to answer business challenges, Hannah joins the London team after 5 years at Kantar Consulting, where she worked with the likes of IKEA, Pladis, Unilever & Diageo.

Bolstering the Cultural Insight team in the UK, Firefish’s Head of Cultural Insight, Fran Alberry says:

“Hannah has a particular passion for projects that challenge our assumptions or cause us to rethink how a brief is approached in order to get to the best answer.  Futures projects – where we get creative to look at the early signs of what’s changing around us to understand what might be coming next, what that means and how that might look for our clients – is a special and exciting type of work and Hannah’s passion & experience is a perfect fit for it”.

Hannah, who once put on an art exhibition in London on the future of marketing to women, as well as speaking at Adweek on gendered marketing, comments:

“Firefish and I have a mutual obsession for simple but powerful research. Their reputation as an intelligent, creative, open and innovative business who are passionate about getting to the best answer possible, was what attracted me, and I can’t wait to get stuck in helping clients create the future of meaningful, sustainable brands”.

Daniel Rose, Managing Director of Firefish UK, adds:

“I’m delighted to welcome Hannah to the team. As we continue to give our clients the confidence in their future plans, and a clear way forward, I just know they are going to love her. Hannah’s passion, experience and ability to make the seemingly complex into something clear, impactful and right for the brand fits so well with what we are all about, so I know she is going to fit right in”.

If you want to send Hannah your congratulations, or have a brand or business challenge that you think she can help you solve, then just drop us a line.