Twitter x Firefish: a journey of discovery

If you look at the world in different ways, you see different things

It is widely believed that people use different social networks in similar frames of mind. According to both popular imagination and mainstream media, we react to what we see or read in similar ways regardless of the platform, and our motivations to like, share, or follow are the same.

However, as our recent work with Twitter showed, if you look at things more deeply and from different perspectives, a more
interesting (and useful) picture emerges.
At Firefish, we address every challenge by first asking how the research will be used. We call this approach Design for Impact. 

This is exactly what we did for Twitter when helping them develop their hypothesis that its users approach the platform with a distinctive mindset of inquiry and discovery.

By finding evidence to support this, we could demonstrate the value of their audience to advertisers and media agencies.

It is so good, we got to present it last week at the MRS Social Media Summit.

If you missed that, then just click here to download the paper and read how this groundbreaking project utilised qualitative, neuroscience and quantitative methods to generate breakthrough insights with impact.
If you have a brief you want us to take a look at, then just get in touch. 

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