Firefish, TPL & BBC win New Consumer Insights award

We are delighted to announce that, at last night's MRS awards, we took home the New Consumer Insights award for our work with BBC and The Pineapple Lounge

The stage was set, the lights were lowered. It was that glorious time of year again, where we get to catch up with our peers and clients about what the year has had to offer, while also finding out who will be going home with the prized glassware for their company trophy cabinets. That's right, the annual MRS Awards. 

Having been shortlisted for 6 awards last year, we were hopeful for our 3 shortlists this year, in the Best International, Best Healthcare and New Consumer Insights categories, as well as our colleagues in The Pineapple Lounge up for Ginny Valentine Award for Cultural Insights with BT and Lorna Moss up for Research Newcomer of the Year.

As the MC began his introduction (which some may say went on a little too long, but that could have just been the anticipation), the room took on a new air of heightened excitement, one that may or may not have been exacerbated by the welcome cocktails and the steady flow of wine over dinner. In the usual fashion, our host rattled through the first of the 23 categories at a rather epic pace, firmly keeping the 'No Speeches' rule in place.

First award we were up for: Healthcare, for our work with Ogilvy Healthworld and Rosacea care campaign 'Act on Red'...sadly we lost out on that one. Next up, Best International for our work with Pepsi Lipton understanding millennials around the globe; again, another loss. We cheerily clapped on the winners as we turned to the clients that had joined us on our table to say "there's always next year" and to pat ourselves on the back for a great piece of work, regardless of the judges' decision. Finally for Firefish, New Consumer Insights. Now, as an agency that prides itself on unearthing new and deep insight for our clients that really helps them move their business and brand forward, we were quietly confident that this one was ours...AND IT WAS! 

Our work with BBC 1Xtra and our kids and family insight consultancy, The Pineapple Lounge, helped not only provide a greater internal cohesion, energy and confidence, based on a deeper and more tangible understanding of the audience, but also spawned a new positioning for the station. The research also made such a significant impact at 1Xtra because they were fully integrated into the insight journey, with the phased approach plumbing new depths of insight around ethnicity, language and the future brand identity but, fundamentally,  we truly forged relationships with each of the participants and kept our ears wide open throughout the whole 2 month journey. 

As the award-giving drew to a close, the curtain drew back and it was suddenly time for the dancing to commence. With feelings of elation and a warming glow that embodied the fact that the year has been a great one, we threw shapes until the wee small hours, excited by what 2016 has to hold.

See you next year, MRS Awards. 

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